Tuesday, April 8, 2008

They're not laughing with you

they're laughing at you.

S,N! regular Susan of Texas on Megan:

A spoiled, lazy girl-woman shrugs her shoulders at torture. She lifts a languid hand and slaps the face of the man who calls her on her behavior. She shrugs again.
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Megan on being called "a spoiled, lazy girl-woman":
History repeats itself: first as tragedy, second as abbreviated but evocative film noir. I see myself in something slinky and black, smoking unfiltered cigarettes and drinking pernod. Glenn Greenwald will, I hope, agree to sport something in a subdued gray flannel.
Megan, m'dear, you become more like Ann Althouse every day. That's just sad.

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Clever Pseudonym said...

That crashing noise you just heard was the shattering of Megan's attempt at humorous self-deprecation.