Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Too Dumb to Ignore

Well if Crooked Timber can comment on commenters, then so can Fire Megan McArdle.

In the comments section on Megan's discussion on Thomas Frank, we have these little diamonds embedded in Megan's turd. From eccdog:

I grew up in the heart of one of the reddest areas in the red state of NC and worked jobs in the textile mills there. People there tended to be fundamentally against unions even though it might have helped them economically. The reason was their world view that the "right" thing to do was to show up to work and take what was offered or find another job.

See, these people who hated unions were just being moral and letting the capitalists siphon as much money as possible from their eroding wallets. LIE-burl unions are selfish. Capitalists, not so much.
MarkG continues:
red-state rural conservatives fundamentally do care about issues like Guns, Gays, God, and, er, Gynecology -- just as do their citified leftist brethren. Only the mainstream media never find anything wrong or strange about favoring tight gun control, gay marriage, religious faith, and loose abortion regulations: The right side of these issues is "understood" from the outset, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

Maybe because there is nothing wrong or strange about favoring tight gun control, gay marriage, religious faith, and loose abortion regulations?
Then, PJ's idiocy knows no bounds, or anything else:
One more thought on people voting against their alleged economic interests: why is there no head-scratching when rich statists do it? People of wealth who favor soak-the-rich taxes (or oppose "tax cuts for the rich") are treated like heroes in the media, even though they seem to be acting just as much against their personal economic interests as people of lesser means who have the opposite views. It's almost as if the ideological playing field isn't level.

Why, its almost as if rich people aren't poor! Don't call that a thought PJ!
It gets better! Nelson:
populism is a mild form of slavery... instead of working for themselves, people are forced to work for politicians.

In a thread devoted to attacking the idea of false consciousness, Nelson claims that those attracted by populism are experiencing false consciousness, and thus are slaves. Really.

So, if rural rednecks don't hate gays, blacks, Muslims, and peace because they are bitter about their economic situation, do rednecks hate just because they are dark in the heart?

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