Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The commenters, they hurt me.

I point out that the commenter's in the gun rights thread are all dancing around the fact that one of libertarianism's failures is its inability to accommodate situations in which the boundary between my property, your property and public property is nebulous.

Yancy Ward, never one to not be a fucking moron, says this:

On the contrary, this is precisely the point of the debate, but it is perfectly understandable that you are mystified by this- you and most others simply want to assert that there is no clear distinction between my property, your property, and public property. Libertarians don't accept this assumption. It is notable that this claim to indistinct boundaries to property is always made by those looking for new ways to infringe on the individual's property rights, and they always do it with the claim that they are being unselfish in doing so.
Apparently I'm asserting that there's always fogginess at the boundary, which is stupid. The better assumption is to assume that there is never any gray area.

Anyone who says otherwise is infringing on civil liberties.

"What were you talking about?" I hear you ask.

Well, how bad the Civil Rights Act was, of course. What else?


Anonymous said...

Now, see here, you!

Megan McArdle is a good person! You're being mean to her! Is that a good way to spend your time? Of course not!

If you want to be mean, be mean to the people who...who...

Ah, I'm too tired to think of something clever. But don't be so mean! Be nice. Or don't be at all.

NutellaonToast said...

Fuck you, Norman, you old poorly rendered piece of shit ass sucking limp dick wagging flab of jello.

I am fucking nice you cock sucker.

Oh, and I was attacking a commenter, smart guy.

Blake said...

Fire Kevin Drum and cut off the comments.

NutellaonToast said...

Sometimes I feel like the internet is one big inside joke to which I'm not privy.

I'm kind of grateful for this feeling.

Anonymous said...

We'll let you in on the joke.

brad said...

norman, I have three questions about your daughter.
Is she legal, is she cute, can I get a side order of bacon?
Your music on your profile is a giveaway. Fewer exclamation marks, too. You've got the earnest part in hand, don't overdo it.

brad said...

Heehee. Thanks for the heads-up, anon.

spencer said...

Of course Drum wouldn't get the liberal blogosphere's reaction to Megan. He doesn't understand the first thing about the liberal blogosphere and never has.