Friday, April 4, 2008

Just Because...

A quick scan of MM's guest web loggers reveals nothing worth the time of a snark (this item is just to insure that there is, as the Megatron suggests, a daily post) although I am terribly embarrassed that bozos from NRO like P. Suderman & J. Goldberg are self-confessed

dedicated, life-long science fiction geek[s.]
Of course, as a mature adult, I started my interest in the sci-fi by, ahem, reading the stuff, not watching Star Dreck & Star Whores. As one astute commenter said:
"science fiction" on television is an abomination, a denatured caricature.
Much like Suderman & Goldberg themselves. But we'll express our sincere wishes that none of these fools "choke on their pretzels" when the big show premieres tonight.


brad said...

Hey now. The original SW trilogy is solid kids' fare and nostalgia fodder.

spencer said...

Meh. That was space opera, not science fiction.

M. Bouffant said...

While not absolutely intolerable, SW is really futuristic fantasy, not science fiction. "Space Opera" can be excellent, though in a written form, rather than splashed all over a screen.