Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back to the grindstone

Ok, just to start off, the fucking quote from MacArthur was "I shall return." Get a degree in English or something, Megan. (Her return post is titled "Like MacArthur, I have returned".)

So, yeah, she's back, and she's still Megan. Fuck the rest of the content (tho who goes on vacation 1000 miles away to watch dvds?), I just want to laugh at this

A few weeks ago, a couple of liberal friends came to watch me sit on AFF's panel on new growth strategies for the economy. I took the unpopular position that tax cuts were pretty much dead letter for the foreseeable future. To spend is to tax, and without any political will for deep spending cuts--which there isn't--we can't have true tax cuts. We can only delay the day of reckoning by a few years. Better, I said, to look for other ways to enhance economic growth and liberty: slashing regulation; eliminating relatively inexpensive government operations that distort economic activity and encourage unnecessary dependance on the state (Small Business Administration, I'm looking at you); and reforming the safety net to encourage more economic mobility.

An older man sitting next to one of my liberal friends leaned over and said "She talks nice, but she's too liberal for me."
Megan? You're not strong enough to move goalposts. Just cuz that guy wuz dumb don't make you a liberal.
Liberals care about other people, and accept their own humanity. You try to refashion greed as virtue, and lecture others about flaws you exemplify.
Go back on vacation.

Also, I think this is my fav comment over at Megan's, ever

I had to Google the organization you were speaking at because I've never heard of it. I found out that AFF stands for "Adult Friend Finder," and McAfee warns me not to go into the site. Why were you speaking to those people? And that old man sounds creepy.

Posted by Lady Lucy | April 5, 2008 7:32 PM
I'm in love.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, that lazy bitch said she'd resume "regular blogging" today. It's 9:42 p.m. Eastern and she hasn't posted one motherfucking word today. Fuck her, that lying motherfucking bitch.

Also, where the fuck are her follow-up posts about Jane Adams and 20 Years at Hull House? Motherfucker said she she was going to blog about the book as she read it. I haven't seen shit about that book in almost a month. Did she stop reading it, or is she too lazy to post about it?

Then that motherfucker goes on vacation for a motherfucking week. Fuck her!

lilio said...

"who goes on vacation 1000 miles away to watch dvds?"

I'll bet you Megan and the BF broke up on their PR vacation and now she's too distraught to blog. Could you imagine having to spend a week with that woman?

brad said...

Personally, I consider every day Megan doesn't produce output to be a gift from Jebus and kittens.
And, tho I wish I didn't remember this, I believe it was a family trip, lilio. If Megan had a bf she'd find a way to mention it, I suspect. Not that I really care.

Dhalgren said...

She doesn't blog on Sunday's, I thought. We expect a post from her around 07:00 today. So about 4 hours from now....

Anonymous said...

You've got to love her response after brad noted the "I shall return" misquote.

"Er . . . I'm sorry, I mistakenly assumed that all my readers could parse a complex reference: i.e., that MacArthur was famous for having said he would return, and then actually doing so. As, um, I did. Though to be fair, not quite so dramatically. This may have confused some commenters."

You is da stupid for being confuzed by my intellectualness! Crap, Megan, the only thing about your writing that is confusing is that you actually draw a paycheck for it. Condescending twit.

brad said...

Anon- plus at least one of her sycophants was tryin to call me dumb for calling her out on it.
I could point out the ineptness of implicitly comparing 5 vacation days to 2 and a half years of WWII in Australia, but they've been without their Megan for a week, let 'em have a bone.