Friday, April 18, 2008

I just Boscov'd

Its impressive how many things Megan' gets wrong in this post.

Megan claims that Obama's masculinity will be questioned because the role of "building understanding and reconciliation between hostile voter grops [sic]" is generally seen as a woman's role. Further compounding Obama's trouble is that he's running against a "much-decorated fighter pilot."

So now I see why Obama's masculinity will be questioned: he's a 'Uniter' running against a combat-worn Vietnam vet! I remember in 2004 when the press lampooned Bush for being totally metro and touted Kerry's tough guy war experience. Bee tee dub, Megan, McCain isn't really "much-decorated."

As usual, the stupidity drips into the comments section, where DaveM claims that "Barack also has a problem in that he's a lawyer" and thus "he will come across to men as either weak or devious (a new Laval or Petain) or both." Got it? Obama=Petain. The similarities are striking! Long Live Liberal Fascism!

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