Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quick question

where's the quote in the quote of the day?

If experience, as Oscar Wilde once wrote, is simply the name we give our mistakes, then the expertise that Daniel Bouton has gleaned over the last two-and-a-half months ought to place him among the leading authorities on detecting fraud and managing financial risk.

That is what French legislators are expecting on Wednesday, when Mr. Bouton, the chairman and chief executive of the beleaguered bank Société Générale, meets with them to answer questions about the state of banking regulation in the country.

Mr. Bouton will be speaking in his capacity as president of the French banking federation. But he is likely to be asked to address some unanswered questions about how Jérôme Kerviel, a junior derivatives trader, managed to pile up 50 billion euros in unauthorized bets without raising the suspicion of his managers at Société Générale.
The Oscar Wilde saying embedded in her chosen chunk of text? The entire chunk of text? Huh?
Also, Megan? You shouldn't title a post "Failure is the key to success" after you've defended your old position on the war on the grounds that failure is instructive. You're mocking yourself.


mousy-mouse said...

She's got another fucking post up making the same argument that Americans are too stupid to read about John Yoo and our country's torture policies, so Greenwald's an asshole. She's obviously not winning the argument or changing any one's mind, she's just repeating herself over and over again. When will it stop? Why is she doing this?

I think something might have happened to Megan in Puerto Rico, maybe too much sun. This woman's nuts.

Clever Pseudonym said...

She was like that before PR. Same old shit. Make a dumb argument, get called out for it, write a serious of three or four mind-numbingly stupid posts saying the same thing over and over with different 50 cent words, all the while claiming that anyone who disagrees is misunderstanding her point.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Ad bloody nauseum.

spencer said...

"You're mocking yourself."

To be fair, though, everyone else is doing it, and Megan just wants to fit in and be popular.

brad said...

She's hoping for another link from the guy whose career she likes to deride. I think/hope GG is done with her, tho.

brad said...

N it sorta worked. I hope GG lets it go. He's being trolled, pure and simple.

Margalis said...

Glad you guys picked up on that. When I saw the post title I honestly thought she was talking about herself but she's not that clever or self-aware.