Saturday, April 19, 2008

To follow up on Nutella's post

His quotes came from an update Megan added to her transparently sexist post on Obama having an honorary vag.
Here's the thing, tho. No one called her a lesbian in that thread. Or a skinny beanpole, or anything but sexist. Obviously, I don't have access to her emails, and I'm not going to scan the threads above that post, but I'm calling bullshit.
You wrote a very sexist post, Megan. Acting victimized by the critical response is dishonest and pathetic. A strong, self-possessed woman would own her mistake. You hide from it.
N yeah, I know that's been well established as what she's going to do when faced with legitimate criticism, but that doesn't mean it's ok. You may have successfully lowered the standards of your friends, family, and employers, Megan, but we're not buying in.


I skimmed through each comment thread from the top post to the one in question, while my clam chowder was warming, and she outright made it up.
There's one comment she deleted, by a regular, which in context is likely dirty song lyrics. There's not a single claim she is a lesbian, nor a single mention of her being skinny. She is quite simply lying.
If it's an email or two, Megan, well, that's not what you said.


Clever Pseudonym said...

The only instance I saw of the word "skinny" was from the guy who brought up Abraham Lincoln and there really isn't much context there for Megan mistaking that he was talking about her and not Lincoln, unless she's being obtuse or stupid. At least it gave her another opportunity to talk down to her readers *and* brag about how hot she is.

spencer said...

"Obtuse or stupid" is actually Megan's middle name.

Mortimer Madler said...

Except for people calling her stupid, which she no doubt certainly is, I've never seen a comment where Megan's ungainly looks and her ambiguous sexual orientation are ever brought up.

But it gives me ideas for the future.

NutellaonToast said...

yeah, I had a line about this in my post, originally, but it fucked up the flow so I dropped it.

Seriously, half of my posts I cut points out because it just makes them too long. Still I end up with posts that seem machine gunned out, halting and voluminous in ideas. The women is too stupid to thoroughly shoot down without writing a novel. A novel for each and every single post she makes.

It's stupefying.

Or perhaps brevity is just not my strong suit.