Sunday, April 20, 2008

Funniest moment of the Sadly, No! fest

D. Aristophenes (or however you spell it) on brad re: Megan McArdle:

"That guy hates her on a level that is kind of frightening."

Oh man, good times.

brad adds:

I hope/assume that was tongue in cheek. I don't even hate Dick Cheney. Hate is ugly, stupid, and unproductive. It takes you over, and makes you blind and dumb. I loathe Megan, n she inspires a visceral reaction in me probably because I grew up with her ilk, rich girls who call themselves liberal so they can feel charitable but are repulsed by actual liberal beliefs and people, but I'd never give her the power involved in hatred. I get it out here, n move on.
I know, over-serious response, but it's worth making clear.

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