Sunday, April 13, 2008


Megan was in such a rush to respond to Glenn Greenwald previously, strange that she hasn't posted yet to explain how thinking there are times torture is acceptable means one is fully against it. I'd chalk it up to the weekend and an apparent trip out of town, but she's managed to update her post about a friend getting arrested on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial three times. You'd think, considering how deeply offended Megan was by GG's suggestion that her cheerleading for the media is in part fueled by a desire not to know the negative consequences of the policies she's supported, that she'd waste no time proving his new assertion wrong.
I'm sure it'll come Monday, she couldn't possibly try to ignore this away.


Clever Pseudonym said...

I wouldn't be too sure about that. Look at how many times she makes simple factual errors or posts where it's glaringly obvious she has no clue what she's writing about. She never corrects those or admits she was ignorant or wrong. I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if she just ignored it.

brad said...

It'll be a good test of how far down the Althouse trajectory Megan has progressed. If she still has a sense of shame, she'll try to ignore it, in which case we'll mention it here a lot. If she demands GG apologize, then we'll have even more fun. If she apologizes profusely for not remembering her previous position and having been... heh, yeah.

Blake said...

I love it that she uses Greenwald's "Update I" "Update II" style of adding to her own posts. She never did that before her Greenwald spat/fixation. Maybe she learned something.

I also love the English major using "their" as a singular. Yes, it keeps the identity of the person gender neutral, but it's frowned upon in proper English. Megan should know better.

When will she Update her dumbass book review of Jane Adams and Hull House? Still waiting, bitch.

When will she post her numbers about the Iraq death count? She said she was going to do that last Monday. We're still motherfucking waiting motherfucker.