Saturday, April 19, 2008

She gets surprised a lot

A surprising number of commenters sent here by other blogs seem to believe that implying I am a lesbian is a gross insult. An even more surprising number seem to think that it is a wicked "gotcha" to point out that I too, am kind of on the beanpole side, as if this fact had perhaps escaped my notice. For the apparently large number of commenters who have just immigrated from Mauritania, American women are not usually flustered and ashamed when you tell them how skinny they are.

A surprising number of commenters are resorting to personal attacks after you post a bunch of them? That's a surprising surprise. I'm surprised she's so surprised, to surprise you. Then again, maybe if that surprises you I should ask "what else have you learned on your visit to our planet" "Are you from Mauritania?"

Well, we know she's got one good quality. At least she recycles.

Most distressing of all, however, is the fact that they seem to have completely missed the point. I am a Barack Obama supporter, albeit of a rather tepid variety, worried about a potential issue in the general election, not a detractor looking for nasty things to say about him. I don't think it's weird or crazy to worry that a Democrat promising to end the war and trying to project a super nice-guy image may lose the testosterone race to a fighter pilot promising 100 more years. This does not imply approval of philandering, other fraternity-boy antics, or the 100 years war.

Yeah, it's like how Jews can make Jew jokes. Or only black people, and Megan, can make fun of black people. Guys, she's an Obama SUPPORTER! She's totally allowed to spread ridiculous, sexist bullshit attacks that have nothing to do with his policy. It would be irresponsible of her not to.

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