Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If a tree falls in the woods and Megan isn't there to hear it...

Susan of Texas probably isn't really a wimmin. She makes too much sense.

Logic ought to tell McArdle that if liberals admire the female narrative style yet criticize her, they aren't criticizing her female narrative style; they're criticizing her content. But it's easier and more pleasant to claim victimization than it is to respond honestly. Self-styled independent thinkers ought to have principles based on reason and careful thought, and should be able to defend them.
This brings up a topic I've been seriously wondering about; wtf does Megan think is a "typically female narrative style, which touches on personal experience"? (Full quote from the Roy Edroso is a sexist rant.)
Adding her own viewpoint and events of her life to her blog? That's what every single blogger who exists does, be they male, female, or somewhere in between. Posting recipes? mikey does that, ffs, and, while I love the guy, he's not especially feminine. Besides, the criticism of the recipes is they're bland and unoriginal, not that they smell of vag.
The only thing I'm left with is Megan thinks her inherent crappiness is feminine. It would make her technically correct if that's true, insofar as if being a shitty thinker and writer is inherently feminine then we are going after her for her gender here. But, well, I'm not going to take the trope that far. Wimmin are weak and evil and all that, but they are not inherently stupid.
Your vagina and breasts have nothing to do with our taking issue with you, Megan. And you do a disservice to those who genuinely do suffer from sexism by selfishly using it as a shield against criticism. It's like a 1/1000th scale representation of false claims of rape. You make it easier for genuine sexists to dismiss charges against them as baseless.
I'm not claiming I'm perfect and bias free, I'm educated enough to know that more or less cannot be (even in radical feminists, Ilyka and Twisty readers). We, I, have crossed lines we shouldn't here, at times, and we, I, are glad to learn from those mistakes. And that, Megan, is what truly separates us, not what we have between our legs. We admit our mistakes, and try not to make them again. You blame others for pointing them out to you, then write about how being wrong was actually right. You're thick as a block, and that's not especially feminine, though I'll leave it for Megan to reify normative gender roles in society by calling thin, intelligent guys effete.
Sexism is only bad when directed at her, or a woman she likes, after all.
Feminist bloggers talk about women's issues, Megan. You talk about yourself. You can't see the difference, but the rest of us can.

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