Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fire John Yoo

I'm post hogging, I know, but whatever.

So, it turns out a professor at my school was a key author of Bush's "torture is okie" doctrine. Needless to say, I'm a little peeved about this.

I'd like to start organizing a large effort to get John Yoo fired from his position at UC-Berkeley, but I've never done anything like that before. Anyone out there have experience with activism wanna lend me a hand? Anyone wanna join me in this fight?

Email FMM and/or post in the comments

UPDATE: It's started. Here's to hoping I keep this going


Anonymous said...

Question: Who's worse, Megan or John Yoo? Tough call, but...

Where Megan only needs to be fired and shut the fuck up for the rest of her dumbass life, John Yoo--that cunt--needs to be imprisoned for his war crimes for the rest of his life.

But I bet he's got tenure at UC-B and it's going to be tough to get him fired. If we lived in a fairer world, getting Yoo arrested would be easier, but in our fucked up country the only way he's getting arrest and tried for war crimes is if he left the country, which none of these assholes--Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld, Feith--are ever going to be able to do anyway. Fuck them.

My advice, then, is whenever you see Yoo on campus, shout him down, yell at him "MURDERER, NAZI, CRIMINAL, CUNT!" whatever. Throw coffee at him. Spit at him. Fuck, tar and feather him. He's a disgrace to our nation.

Currently, the only reason I weakly believe in god is that I hope there is a judgmental god who sorts out the good and the bad at the end of life. And I hope and pray, for whatever it's worth, that justice can be done to John Yoo and Bush and all the rest of them so they rot in motherfucking hell for eternity. Fuck them. And fuck John Yoo, too.

PG said...

If you're a current student, you're probably behind on all the anti-Yoo activity at Boalt. Do a search here to catch up. In brief, Yoo appears to be a competent professor, and while currently in civil litigation (courtesy of a Yale Law clinic), will never face criminal prosecution. They're not going to fire him; save your energy for electing Congresspeople who will force the constitutional crisis we need to stop the executive power grab.

NutellaonToast said...

thanks for the link.

I think with a strong effort at the donors to the university and other activities, we can get UCB to think hard about letting him go

spencer said...

Fuck, tar and feather him.

How about I just stick to the last two?

Anonymous said...

Write to the Board and to all the UCB Deans and say you have the alimni/alumnae lists and you will be asked all to withhold contributions to the University until he's given the boot.

That will ge their attention.

NutellaonToast said...

Yup, so far my ideas are:

Media attention
Publicity stunts
and prolly the most effective:
Find the donors, let them know what's up, and ask them if they wouldn't think about putting their money elsewhere until this little issue is resolved

M. Bouffant said...

Maybe we should just see how John Yoo feels about having his children's testicles crushed. Assuming he's reproduced, & we can hope he hasn't.

Dhalgren said...

John Yoo might have a PhD, but he has no place in an American university. He actually believes that during wartime, the president has bonus, "inherent" powers as commander in chief. This would have been news to many of our nation's founders, as it isn't mentioned in the Constitution. He is without question, a poor scholar in Constitutional law and US history, and should be brought to The Hague for war crimes. The man needs his testicles pulverized just as a start.

Dhalgren said...

And let's keep in mind that there is an office at Stanford reserved for Condoleezza Rice in the summer of 2009. She boasts about having that job in-hand, and her long-awaited return to academia.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you try and get him disbared for violating his attorneys oath wherein he promises to uphold the constitution of the united states.
A complaint should be drafted by an attorney admitted in the same state and sent to the states bar association.

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