Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The more things change...

I was about to swallow my pride and give congrats to Suderman for a very reasonable post, then he closed with this

But whichever one they prefer probably says a lot about how much weight, if any, they place on identity-oriented precedents.
Now, that's a very poorly written sentence, so I could be jumping to conclusions that he's trying to slip in identity politics, but it seems he is. And yet, in doing so, he skips McCain's "one of the guys" white boy identity, which, especially considering how the Repub base considers the man a RINO, is much of the basis of his claim to that portion of the electorate, along with his military history. McCain's "base" doesn't actually like McCain, the man. White men invented identity politics, and we are their greatest practitioners. Rush Limbaugh is identity politics.
It's possible Suderman wouldn't disagree, at least not entirely, but there's something very wrong in discussing the role of sex and racial identity in electoral politics and leaving out McCain and white men. Perhaps Megan has overprimed me for it, but I can't help but see hints in this post of her standard faux-balanced approach which is crafted to sound reasonable while, in the end, dumping all the fault or wrongness on her opponents.
It doesn't help that Suderman follows up with a post arguing Microsoft shouldn't have to pay competitive wages for high tech skills in high demand instead of importing underpaid foreign nationals, lest they simply outsource. Poor, poor Microsoft.

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