Tuesday, April 1, 2008

... the more they stay the same

Well, we gave Henke a shot, and he blew it.
First, it must be said, this is the best post in the history of Megan's blog at The Atlantic. If Megan were a genuine libertarian we'd see many, many posts like that.
But that post came after this, a round-up of all the attempted Obama and Hillary smears of the past week or so. The Obama smears are especially weak fodder, such as the fact that he has individual donors who work for oil companies. If Henke had simply listed Hillary's problems and gaffes, he might have had a point, as they, mostly, are more substantial, but by listing both he comes off as simply a partisan and opportunist. (Yes, I'm an Obama man, but lying about facing sniper fire is plain old more serious than being associated with another scary black man.)
McCain hasn't had a great week or two, either, with major, repeated, "misstatements" in Iraq and a universally panned shallow attempt at an economic plan, but mention of that kind of thing doesn't play into the meme Henke is trying to help spread that the Dems are self-destructing. Posts designed to elicit anti-Democrat schadenfreude really don't have a place at The Atlantic, but whatcha gonna do?
Oh, I know. Fire Megan McArdle.


Anonymous said...

Not to quibble, and I agree that in principle the 'Where Does He Go' post was the best ever on any blog associated with McArdle, but I think it's just a bunch more CYA wankery from the glibertarian right.

They want to get out in front of obvious cases of gross violations of civil liberties as fast and hard as possible only now, while their usual-suspect commentators can hold forth on 'CBS bias' and 'collateral damage.' It's really the same disgusting crap.

Just as McArdle has never addressed the word 'pre-emptive' in her screed about attacking anti-war protestors in NYC with 2X4 clubs, so is Henke simply providing a forum for hand-wringing ex-post-facto.

It's all bullshit.

Max Renn

Jon Henke said...

I've been writing in vehement opposition to torture and US detention policies for many years. Had you actually been interested in learning the truth, you could have checked.

brad said...

I think it's reasonable to credit people with being genuine in their opposition to torture no matter now seriously they supported the Bush Admin's war "plans", plus Thoreau made a strong case that Henke is that all too rare opponent; a principled conservative.
It may seem weird for me to say that, instead of jumping on him for having the 'nads to appear and stand up for himself here, but I have to admit Thoreau's impression is more or less confirmed in my mind.
Obviously I took issue with the intent of the Obama/Hillary post, but people one can respectfully disagree with are all too rare. Let's save the loathing for Megan n them whut unquestionably deserve it.

NutellaonToast said...

Gonna go ahead and second that, though I am sure Henke will say plenty that will make me squirm.

No offense, Henke, but we're not too serious here. We're not digging up your old writings. You're a place filler for us just as you are for MM.