Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fire Matt Yglesias

So, I've got a new person to hate, having just learned recently that MY was a big ole hawk. Yeah, I wasn't a very big blogger back in those days. That was when I had a life.

He decides that Megan's having all the fun making wacky jokes about enormous and needless loss of life, so plays a funny little prank on us in the form of a post titled "April Fools!"

Iraq has chemical and biological weapons arsenals, plus an advanced nuclear weapons program and is likely to use these WMD to stage an attack on the American homeland using al-Qaeda proxies!

Personally, I wish he'd just tapped my right shoulder while standing to my left.

I think I'm going to start pushing the idea that MM and MY are making WMDs. If we go into their houses and kill them, but don't find any WMDs, I'll make up for it by going to their funerals and making jokes about the chicken crossing the road.


In comments, Matt calls us humor averse.

Hey matt, you're a stupid, fat, spic douche bag that looks really stupid in that sparse ass pubic covering you call a beard. You let George W Bush, of all people, make you look like a moron. Good fucking job! If you don't think that's funny, well, you're humor averse.

Oh, yea, I forgot, FMM hates hispanics, too.

BTW: I'm NOT racist. The point is that being offensive can't be just dismissed as being funny. I wish I didn't have to write this disclaimer, but I'm sure someone out there will need it.


Clever Pseudonym said...

Oh, Matt. You're a killer with that wit of yours.

Hey, Nutella...pull my finger.

Anonymous said...

I see Matt out and about on a pretty regular basis in the U St neighborhood and I have to say he is shlumpier and more put upon looking in person than he is on bloggingheads tv. My theory is that he has a crush on MM and took up the torch of stupidity as an homage to his missing angel.