Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's a May December romance

Well, it looks like an inability to realize the gravity of their mistakes is not the only thing Matt and Megan share.

if it's really true as Felix Salmon reports that Valleywag writers get paid $9.75 per thousand pageviews then I'm not necessarily that sympathetic. If I got paid on that scale, I'm pretty sure I'd be making a lot more money than my current salary pays. I mean, it's nice not to feel under the gun the way a per-pageview salary structure would leave me, but I'd gladly give up that feeling of relief in order to double my take home pay.

Yeah, Matt, and I bet the Coen brothers were pretty happy with their pay before the writer's strike, you dim-witted, self-centered prick.

Do you think if the Atlantic paid you more you could afford a gym membership, or are you bulking up in hopes that Megan will love you once you are as wide as she is tall?

brad adds:

Matt does realize he'd get a fraction of the traffic he does without The Atlantic emblazoned across the top of his blog, right?
Oh, ok.

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